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Current Biotechnology students: How do I find my adviser? Your academic adviser is always listed on the MyMajor site that you used to request admission to the major.

  Name Office Email Phone
Photo of Sonia Arora  Sonia Arora (freshman adviser) Foran Hall, Rm. 291B 848-932-6337
Photo of Carol Bagnell  Carol Bagnell Foran Hall, Rm. 126A 848-932-6334
Photo of Faith Belanger  Faith Belanger Foran Hall, Rm. 304 848-932-6389
Photo of Dawn Brasaemle  Dawn Brasaemle Food Science Bldg.    
Photo of Wendie S. Cohick  Wendie S. Cohick Foran Hall, Rm. 108B 848-932-3777
Photo of Rong Di  Rong Di Foran Hall, Rm. 222 848-932-6350
Photo of Max Haggblom  Max Haggblom Lipman Hall, Rm. 326 848-932-5646
Photo of Barry W. Jesse  Barry W. Jesse Martin Hall, Rm. 211 848-932-9095
Photo of Donald Y. Kobayashi  Donald Y. Kobayashi Foran Hall, Rm. 337B 848-932-6393
Photo of Thomas Leustek  Thomas Leustek Martin Hall, Rm. 221 848-932-6296
Photo of Paul Meers  Paul Meers (alternate freshman adviser) Foran Hall, Rm. 272 848-932-6230
Photo of Malcolm Watford  Malcolm Watford Foran Hall, Rm. 170 848-932-6263